Galvanized steel strandwire

Product introduction


Galvanized steel strand wire is steel core cables with high carbon content, super-large Tensile strength, the outside is a layer of galvanized electrolytic method or very reliable hot dip galvanizing.

FEATURES of galvanized steel strand wires

With high elevated carbon, bearing capacity of galvanized steel strand wire is very strong

Steel wire is electrolysis galvanized then it is high strength, corrosion-resistant and ultra anti-rusty

The hardness and elasticity of galvanized steel strand wire is lower than normal steel wire.

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APPLICATIONS galvanized steel strand wires

Wire is used for lifting equipment such as hoists, cranes, winches. Wire is also used for suspension bridges, creepers in the building….

This kind of wire is used mostly very efficient in cranes, fishery industry, mining, logging, drilling, oil and gas industry, maritime, bridges, works machine.

Galvanized steel strand wire can be used to make winches between the buildings.

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